Grade 8: 21% score 1 or 2


Grades 3-8 ELA 2012 FINAL
8th Grade Rankings - Student Performance Review 12.2012
High School English Regents 2.2012

Legend (top chart):

“As of July, 2010, NYSED updated its definitions for achievement levels. Lev1 is defined as “Below Standard”. Lev2 is defined as “Meets Basic Standard”. %Lev3 is defined as “Meets Proficiency Standard”. Lev4 is defined as “Exceeds Proficiency Standard”. See the NYSED web site for more information.”

Source: Student Performance Review
Presentation to the Board of Education
December 18, 2012

From 2008: “Irvington students, in fact, perform very well on standardized tests, especially in grades 3-8 where they scored at least in the 93rd percentile in ELA state standards.
From 2010: On New York School Tests, Warning Signs Long Ignored
Also from 2010: The Test Mess

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