SALARY SCHEDULES | 2009-2010 THRU 2005-2016

Irvington teachers receive four types of raises: “step,” “lane,” “salary schedule,”  and–after step increases have ended–“career increments” awarded at years 20, 25, and 30. (See: Column raises for teachers | 11/5/2010)

Step and lane raises are protected by the Triborough Amendment. The district is required by law to continue paying step-and-lane raises when the contract expires, and that is what we have done.

For the district to reduce step-and-lane raises, the union would have to make a concession.

Salary-schedule raises are not protected by the Triborough Amendment: salary-schedule raises expire when the contract expires.

For the union to continue to receive salary-schedule raises in addition to step, lane, and career-increment raises, the district must make a concession.

The district made this concession in negotiating the most recent contract. Salary-schedule raises begin again next school year.

We don’t have to pay this third type of raise at all. Nothing in the law compels us to do so, and nowhere in the private sector do employees receive three four different guaranteed raises regardless of performance or the state of the economy.

The simple truth is that IUFSD contracts break the cap, and “wages” have never been frozen. Salary-schedule raises expired; and in 2012-2013 step and lane raises were frozen but all staff members were given a “non-recurring payment of $2,750” to make up for it.

Each year since the crash, total compensation has continued to rise at a rate far above inflation. The increase in total compensation to teachers from 2011-2012 to 2012-2013 was 3.93%.

The union has indeed made some concessions. But the Board of Education has made more.

The chart below is a useful illustration of the fact that salary-schedule raises are only one of three raises teachers receive. When the salary schedule is frozen, compensation continues to rise at a rapid clip.

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Teacher Climbs the Pay Scale
Source: Triborough Trouble

PRESS RELEASE – UNION CONTRACT – 1.18.2012 – Joint Press Release

Irvington teachers have not had a “salary freeze”