President Obama signed the sequester bill in March, so there is no uncertainty about whether we will or will not receive our annual federal funding for special education. That issue has been settled.

Even if we were waiting in suspense, the  amount we would be in suspense over would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $35K.

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SPED funding & sequestration
IDEA Money Watch – New York

UPDATE 5/28/2013
NYSSBA’s March 7, 2013 estimate was $21,419

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IDEA Money Watch

The most recent special-education enrollment figure I have is 2011-2012:

In-district Out-of-district John Cardinal
155 31 60 264
$27,745 $5,549 $2,760 $36,063

Special Education Enrollment | 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 | Page from 2011-12 Proposed Budget IUFSD

Sequester cut: $21,419