% Graduating
Seniors Who 

Have Passed
At Least
1 AP Test
Bronxville 95.0% (2012)
Rye 88.70%
Edgemont 87.0%
Jericho 85.0%
Chappaqua 79.10%
Dobbs Ferry* 79.0%
Adlai Stevenson
Lincolnshire, IL
Per pupil spending:
Yonkers (2012)* 77.0%
Pleasantville 72.0%
Hastings 71%
Briarcliff (2012) 61.0%
Per pupil spending:
$28,404 (2012-2013)

*I assume (but don’t know) that both the Dobbs and the Yonkers figures are for IB tests.

UPDATE 11/23/2013: According to the high school principal, the most recent figure for Irvington is 63%. By graduation, 63% of last year’s seniors had passed at least one AP test with a score of 3, 4, or 5.

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