Our goal and expectation is for the integration of technology to become as ubiquitous as pencil and paper in our classrooms.
Creating the Vision for Technology

The vendors are circling.

UPDATE 3/2/2014: No they’re not. The vendors are circling, part 2

Are flipped classrooms the most exciting thing happening here?
Creating an IUFSD Technology Vision
Creating an IUFSD Technology Vision – ANNOTATED – 1.2.2014
Response to administrator technology memo
IEF #25 Off Cycle Grant Request – Expanding the Possibilites of
..Learning Through Technology Rich Classrooms – 2013-14

“Our goal”
Wrong track
Flipped classrooms (and more) in IUFSD
John D on flipped classrooms and board policy
Buying technology – business v. schools

Students and flipped classrooms
The digital natives are restless
Email from an NYU student on his experience in a flipped classroom

Health and screens
Education Week | ‘Blue Light’ May Impair Students’ Sleep, Studies Say
Blue Light Stimulates Cognitive Activity in Visually Blind
Ten reasons why handheld devices are unsafe for children

“Digital natives”
So-Called “Digital Natives” Not Media Savvy, New Study Shows
Digital natives (London School of Economics)
Jakob Nielsen, 2005: Usability of Websites for Teenagers Scroll down
for “Misconceptions About Teenagers.”
Jakob Nielsen, 2013: Teenage Usability: Designing Teen-Targeted
 by HOA LORANGER and JAKOB NIELSEN on February 4,


Flipped classrooms
1-to-1 computing