Requirements set forth by the Smart Schools Bond Act Guidance 04.27.15:

…the district must certify in its Smart Schools Investment Plan submission that the following required steps have taken place:

  • A Preliminary Plan has been posted on the district website for at least 30 days. The district must include an address to which any written comments on the Plan should be sent. [No….The link to the plan takes you to a meeting notification with no further information.]
  • Board has conducted a hearing that will enable stakeholders to respond to the Preliminary Plan. This hearing may occur as part of a normal Board meeting, but adequate notice of the event must be provided through local media and the district website for at least two weeks prior to the meeting. [Adequate notice via local media has not been provided.]
  • The district included an address to which any written comments on the plan should be sent. [No: since the plan was not available on the website, no public comments could be made.]
  • Review will examine evidence provided in the Smart Schools Investment Plan that the devices/platforms chosen will be linked to a coherent instructional plan and will enhance teaching and learning on a sustainable basis. [No mention of academic or learning goals in IUFSD Smart Schools Investment Plan]

An additional issue: the state requires that district technology purchases be “sustainable.”

To date, mobile devices have been donated, but the existence of these donated devices is cited by IUFSD as the rationale for installing wireless connectivity in Dows Lane and Main Street School.

Have the donating organizations contracted to fund all purchases of mobile devices going forward? (see: Why Hoboken is Throwing Away All of Its Laptops)

Irvington UFSD Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan

Currently, we have several types of mobile access devices in our district including Chromebooks, iPads, and laptops. Once Wifi access is put into place at our elementary buildings, we will have the opportunity to collect information on what types of mobile devices work best for our teachers and students. Based on those findings, we will be able to use Smart Schools funds to acquire additional devices for our students to use.

Wireless in Dows Lane and the Main Street School will be used to replace traditional textbooks and programs with materials students find on Google the the process of “exploring” and “pondering” “essential questions.” 

Materials found on Google are the opposite of a coherent, sequenced curriculum, which is what children need to understand content and store it in long-term memory.

Installing wireless facilitates the move to “thinking” and away from learning that is the hallmark of Kris & Raina’s many changes.

Irvington UFSD Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan 2015