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My sister says that a bar graph is much clearer than the line graphs I used in my first post. I think she’s right.

This chart shows the average size of three hypothetical employees’ annual rise:

BLUE: average Irvington teacher
RED: average employee of state and local government
YELLOW: average employee in private sector

The issue here isn’t the absolute amount of IUFSD compensation — but, rather, the speed with which it is increasing.

Every year for many years Irvington teachers have had a higher percent-increase in compensation than the average in the private sector and in state and local government. This is the difficulty, and this is what people are talking about when they say school spending is “unsustainable.”

Employee compensation can’t go up faster than taxpayer compensation forever. It’s unsustainable.

Wages & Salaries: Private Industry Workers (FRED)

Wages & Salaries: State and Local Govt (FRED)
4 is not 2

Estimated median HOUSEHOLD income for area code 10533 in 2010:  $113,840
Estimated median HOUSEHOLD income area code 10591 in 2010: $99,265
(Estimated median household income for New York: $55,217)

Average INDIVIDUAL teacher salary 2011-2012: $96,400*
(Average teacher salary 2012-2013: $99,150.00)

I don’t have a figure for average teacher salary in 2010. I’m guessing it was around  $89,000.

How does an individual income of $89,000 compare to a household income of $99,265 or $113,840?

I don’t know the answer, but I suspect that median household income of Irvington teachers is higher than median income household of IUFSD residents.

4 is not 2

* I don’t have a median figure for Irvington teachers.